Viparspectra Review: Should you Buy these LED Grow Lights?

Last Updated on June 12, 2022

With a growing trend of indoor growing, aquaponics, and hydroponics, you will find a lot of brands selling grow lights in the market.

Although LEDs have outperformed fluorescent and HID lights, the high-quality ones are reasonably more expensive. However, Those extra 100-200 bucks pay itself off in the 1st or 2nd harvest, longer lifespan and lower operational cost. LEDs really return the value that you pay for!

However, there is a brand that is providing affordable and high-quality LEDs to you.

Viparspectra has been a popular brand of affordable and high-quality LED grow lights among beginner growers. In 2021, they launched several high-tier products with top-notch and market-leading features that attracted many high-tier growers.

Viparspectra is a brand for grow lights manufactured by a Chinese company named Shenzhen Bailuo Tech Ltd. Based in Guangdong, China, Viparspectra is bypassing the wholesaler/middleman/distributors and sells directly to the customers. This way they are able to efficiently provide us with their high-quality LED lights directly on Amazon while keeping their prices at very affordable levels.

If you need a quick summary, then you can simply read below.

Viparspectra LED grow light is affordable and a great option for mid-tier growers and beginners. As the manufacturer is selling the LED lights directly on Amazon, you can get these LED grow lights at a cheaper price than its counterparts.

Moreover, they have established and secured customer trust through their policy offer of a 3-year warranty and a 30-day exchange/repair/money-back for any purchased light product that stops working in 30 days. You can trust in their quality and feel secure while buying any grow light model from them.

Although there are better LED grow lights option on the market, Viparspectra is targeting the mid-market for intermediate and hobbyist growers. They are establishing in that space pretty well with an endorsement from many satisfied customer reviews.

These lights are definitely the best option for a beginner indoor grower.

Recommended Models


Viparspectra Upgrade Review

As of 2021, Viparspectra has discontinued many of its previous series and launched new series with the latest several features. We'll discuss what the company has changed in its products.

Type of LEDs

Viparspectra has 5 product line series which use top-notch Samsung LM301H, LM301B, LM281B+ and OSRAM diodes. Previous outdated products had 5 watts quality chips from Bridgelux and Epileds. The spectrum of all chips ranges from IR 730nm, 660nm, 3000K, and 5000K. However, It lacks UV (380-410nm) that is available in spider farmer grow lights. The ultraviolet spectrum enhances the flower's quality & weight.

PAR values of VIPARSPECTRA XS2000 full spectrum LED grow light
PAR values of VIPARSPECTRA XS2000 full spectrum LED grow light

The LED array provides full spectrum that enables you to grow plants throughout the growth lifecycle. There is no need to switch lights or use separate units for vegetation/flowering phases as you have to do so with high-pressure sodium or metal halide lights. The emitted light is way too bright to stare at with your naked eyes and comparable to natural sunlight.

The Viparspectra LEDs mounted at an angle of 90-degree points straight down at the plants. Keeping the light 24" away from plants will give you perfect coverage area and maximum exposure.

On top of all things, each Viparspectra light comes with a Vegetative and Bloom switch, that enables you to turn off a specific light spectral range to manipulate the spectrum provided to your plants.

Lumens and PAR are the measures of the light intensity emitted by the LED panel. Lumens is a measurable unit of visible light produced by a source and are for humans. PAR is the parameter to consider when we are growing plants, a measurement of the intensity and coverage of the light. Check below for the PAR values at 18″ for Viparspectra V300 LED grow light.

Product Warranty

One of the important things, whenever you buy a grow light as our guide to choosing a LED grow Light suggests. The warranty of a light product is a direct indication of the extent the manufacturer believes in the standard and quality of the items that they’re producing and selling on the market.

Viparspectra offers a 3-years warranty on all purchased products against any manufacturing defect, from the purchase date. However, the damage caused by power surges, water, high moisture levels, improper use, improper hanging/mounting, user modifications or dust build is not covered.

if any purchased light stops working within 30 days, Buyers can choose:

In each option, A pre-paid return label is emailed to USA Customers to ship the light back to their USA warranty center.

1. Exchange. You will get a replacement for free after the defective light is received.

2. Money back. You will get back your money as soon as the defective light is received by the center.

3. Repairing. You can get your defective light item repaired by shipping back to the center. or you can get the spare parts to repair a simple defect on an immediate basis.

No prepaid return label is provided to the customers that are not resident of the USA.

Other Features

Heat Sink without Self-cooling Fans: Conventional lighting heating up instantly to higher temperature levels, make the LEDs a solid pick. The new models of Viparspectra have no fan and are completely silent. The quantum board is made of thick alumnium material that acts as a heat sink and keeps the light cooler. The previous discontinued series had multiple 4.72-inch fans with heat sinks for proper dissipation of heat without issues.

Low Energy Usage: The LED grows lights notoriously consume much less energy compared to their counterpart, HPS. A 300-watts ViparSpectra LED panel uses a surprising average of only 136w, which is almost half as much as you would expect in many other traditional types of lighting.

Additionally, you do not need any ballast for the light as a timer can be used to control it.

Viparspectra LED Grow Lights Review

This table gives a comparison between power, diode types, features, and price ranges of all current models of Viparspectra. It'll help you to choose which series meets your requirements.

ViparspectraModelsFeaturesPrice Range
KS Series
  • Power Range: 250 - 500W
  • PPF Range: 587 - 1273 μmol/s
  • Samsung LM301H/OSRAM Diodes
  • Bar Style, Sosen driver
XS Series
  • Power Range: 120 - 450W
  • PPF Range: 1260 - 2144 μmol/s
  • Samsung LM301B Diodes
  • Quantum Board, Meanwell HLG LED driver

VS Series
  • Power Range: 100 - 200W
  • PPF Range: 2423 - 2676 μmol/s
  • Samsung LM301B Diodes
  • Quantum Board, Meanwell XLG LED driver

VB Series
  • Power Range: 100 -150W
  • PPF Range: 959 - 1232 μmol/s
  • Samsung LM281B+ Diodes
  • Quantum Board, Remote control, Sosen Driver, Daisy Chain
Pro Series
  • Power Range: 95 - 400W
  • PPF Range: 930 - 1811 μmol/s
  • Samsung LM281B+ Diodes
  • Quantum Board, Sosen Driver
Reflector Series
  • Power Range: 300 -1200W
  • PPF Range: 1207-1718 μmol/s
  • Bridgelux & Epileds Diodes
  • Old Reflector Design, No dimmable function

Let's go in deep to know the different series and models available in the product line of Viparspectra.

ViparSpectra KS Series - Bar Style

The KS series is the highest-end product line of Viparspectra. It is bar-style light that evenly distributes the light in the canopy. it features latest top-notch diodes from Samsung LM301H with a spectrum range of 3000K, 5000K, 660nm, IR 730nm. All  3 models have square dimensions (equal height and width) and a thickness of 1.6 inches. Check the following table to figure out what suits your needs.

Model NamePower/
ViparSpectra KS2500250W
576 pcs
3 × 3 ft
26 × 24 inches
587 µmol/s
2.4 µmol/J
Check Price
ViparSpectra KS3000300W
849 pcs
2 × 3 ft
32 × 32 inches
782 µmmol/s
2.6 µmol/J
Check Price
ViparSpectra KS5000500W
1260 pcs
4 × 4 ft
40 × 40 inches
1273 µmol/s
2.6 µmol/J
Check Price

ViparSpectra KS2500, KS3000, KS5000 provide a power of 250W, 500W and 600W which is HPS/MH equivalent to 500W, 600W and 1000W respectively

ViparSpectra KS2500, KS3000, KS5000 Review
Review of ViparSpectra KS2500, KS3000, KS5000

ViparSpectra XS Series

The XS series of ViparSpectra features rectangular 3-inches thick quantum board LED grow lights with Samsung LM301B and Meanwell HLG LED driver.

Model namePower/DiodesCoverage/DimensionsPPF
ViparSpectra® XS1000120W
252 pcs
2.5 × 2.5 ft
11.8 × 11 inches
1260 µmol/s
ViparSpectra® XS1500150W
360 pcs
3 × 3 ft
14 × 10.8 inches
1544 µmol/s
ViparSpectra® XS2000240W
576 pcs
4 × 3 ft
20 × 12 inches
1845 µmol/s
ViparSpectra® XS4000450W
1008 pcs
5 × 4 ft
40 × 12 inches
2144 µmol/s
ViparSpectra XS review
ViparSpectra XS package

ViparSpectra VS Series

The VS series of ViparSpectra features rectangular 2.5-inches thick quantum board LED grow lights with Samsung LM301B and Meanwell XLG LED driver. The VS1000 and VS2000 provides 100W and 200W which are HID replacement for 250W and 500W respectively.

Model NamePowerCoverage/SizePPF
ViparSpectra® VS1000100W2.5 x 2.5 ft
12 x 10.8 inches
2423 umol/s
ViparSpectra® VS2000200W4 x 3 ft
23.9 x 10.6 inches
2676 umol/s

ViparSpectra VB Series

Samsung LM281B+

ViparSpectra® VB1000100W2.5 × 2.5 ft
12 × 10.8 in
959 µmol/s
ViparSpectra® VB2000200W4 × 3 ft
24 × 10.8 in
1232 µmol/s
ViparSpectra VB review
ViparSpectra VB Series Package

ViparSpectra Pro Series

Samsung LM281B+

Model NamePowerCoveragePPF
Pro Series P60095W
2 × 2ft
930 µmol/s
Pro Series P1000100W
2.5 × 2.5 ft
1006 µmol/s
Pro Series P1500150W
3 × 3 ft
1393 µmol/s
Pro Series P2000200W
4 × 3 ft
1685 µmol/s
Pro Series P2500250W
4 × 3.5 ft
1785 µmol/s
Pro Series P4000400W
5 × 4 ft
1811 µmol/s
ViparSpectra Pro review
ViparSpectra Pro Series package

Discontinued Series

Viparspectra ModelPowerMax
Reflector 300W136W2x2ft12.6x7.9x3250WReflector Design
Reflector 450W200W2.5x2.5ft15.8x8.4x2.4400WReflector Design
Reflector 600W269W3x3ft15.3x12.8x3600WReflector Design
Reflector 900W418W4x4ft22.5x12.8x31000WReflector Design
Timer Control 1350W620W5x5ft21.9x21.7x31000WTimer Control, Remote
Timer Control 300W134W2.5x2.5ft15.7x8.3x2.6250WTimer Control, Remote,
Daisy chain
High Penetration 300W130W2x2ft13.5x7.6x2.8250WConvex Lens, Daisy chain
Dimmable DS350136W2x2ft14x8.5x2.8250W1 Dimmer
Dimmable PAR1200527W4x4ft19.7X17.3X3.51000WVeg & Bloom Dimmers
Dimmable PAR450200W2.5x2.5ft14.1X11.4X3.3400WR,B,W Dimmers
Dimmable PAR700325W3x3ft19.7X11.8X3.5600WR,B,W Dimmers
PAR600 600W285W3x3ft14.1X11.8X3.5600WR,B,W Switches
Old V1200 1200W524W5x5ft19.2x19.2x31000WSquare, cheapest
w.r.t watts

1. Reflector Series: Cheapest

As the name suggests, this series offers built-in reflectors to direct the entire light coverage down towards the plants instead of dispersing it around your grow tent.

The 600w and 450w models are the most popular Reflector-series lights. Even professional growers purchase and run a multiple 450w or 600w models adjacently instead of opting for a single higher-watt (900w or 1200w) model.

All models come with 4.72″ fans, bloom/vegetative switches, and Aluminum cooling heat sinks.

Viparspectra 300w

"Viparspectra 450w led review

PAR values of VIPARSPECTRA V450 LED grow light
PAR values of VIPARSPECTRA V300 at different heights
Viparspectra 600w
Viparspectra 600w led review
600w LED Viparspectra
  • Grow Space: 3’x3′ core coverage, though some light will reach to the edges up to 4’x4’
  • Actual Power Consumption: 276W
  • How Far to Keep the light from Plants: 24″ is the appropriate starting distance from the plants.
  • Average Yields: 4.5-6+ ounces
PAR values of VIPARSPECTRA V600 full spectrum LED grow light
PAR values of VIPARSPECTRA V600 light at different heights
Viparspectra 900w

Viparspectra 900w Review

PAR values of VIPARSPECTRA V900 full spectrum LED grow light

PAR values of VIPARSPECTRA V900 at different heights
Viparspectra 1200w: For advanced growers only
Viparspectra 1200w LED review
1200w LED Viparspectra
  • Grow Space: 4'x4' core coverage, though some light will reach to the edges up to 5'x5’
  • Actual Power Consumption: 524W
  • Distance from Plants: 24" is the suitable starting distance from the plants.
  • Average Yields: 9-14+ ounces 

PAR values of VIPARSPECTRA V1200 full spectrum LED grow light

PAR values of VIPARSPECTRA V1200 at different heights

2. Timer Control Series

It has a remote! You can set working/off -time to turn the light on and off automatically. It also has a dimmable feature to program VEG and BLOOM brightness individually. It is available in a lot of models: 300w,  450w, 600w, 1200w and 1350w.
Check prices here.

Viparspectra Timer control series

Viparspectra Timer series Remote

3. High Penetration Series

This series has the convex lens that distributes light to your plants evenly, (not far too concentrated in the center of the growing area).

Viparspectra High Penetration Series

4. Dimmable Series: Expensive Most

The dimmable series can dim the light on 3 channels:

  • Blue
  • Red
  • White

Here is what it looks like on the light:

Viparspectra Dimmable Series

Comparison of Viparspectra with other Brands

Viparspectra vs Mars Hydro

Viparspectra is a better value for the bucks than Mars Hydro. The warranty of Mars hydro is just of 1-year in comparison to 3-years of viparspectra. Viparspectra also has a higher lifespan of 100,000 hrs in comparison to just 50,000 of Mars Hydro.

Viparspectra vs kind LED

King LED has a limited product line that includes only K5 and K3 series in comparison to a wide range of models offered by Viparspectra. Viparpectra uses 5w of LEDs, while King LED uses 3w diodes. Viparpectra, with no doubt, gives you more options, flexibility, and quality under one brand

You can look for the alternatives of Viperspectra lights in the article of Best LED Grow Lights and if you're looking for the best LED light by watts, this comparison of LED Grow lights by watts is for you.



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  1. I just ordered 3 450w lights and I was wondering the distance I should keep the light from my plants throughout the growth cycle. e.g. from seedling to veg to flower?

  2. I got the viparspectra 300w light for many good reviews on Amazon. But this light does not work for me. My plants grow well in veg stage but got very small flower. I checked that the light has many blue leds and less red leds. But as i know that red LEDs are good for flowering. More important is the bad quality, LEDs burned out after three months. So I just used the light for one round and then just can not use it. I think it just waste my time and money. Viparspectra is a terrible brand for plants growing.

    1. I met the same problem. I’m old school and just begin to use LED grow light, my son bought me a low wattage light, so far so good, brand seems like jcbritw or jcbriwt, whatever

    2. Viperspectra has a 300 watt model geared towards bloom spectrum. The R/300 . It is the same price as the V/300. I have each. Actually 4 of each. The R/300 has way more reds than blue.

  3. My LED grows lights are among the brands. Have 2 pcs Mars hydro led grow light now consider buying more. My harvest proved your honest review! I love these lights. Forget to say, I bought from eBay

  4. So with vipraspectra warranty, if lights go out they send replacement? I’d be very upset if this happened to me after buying 4 600w dimmable.

  5. Hello! I use 4x400w HPS on growbox of 200х200х200 cm in size. A method of cultivation SCROG will wanted to put LED lamps which will be equivalent to HPS lamps on 400 watts. What will you advise the Lord? With respect for the colleague!

    The previous message wasn’t correct. Now I have made normally. I prefer a full cycle in the earth and the Scrog method. Tell now once again please what better lamps and how many it will be necessary pieces on such size of an awning will approach as I have written to you earlier. Thanks, with respect for the colleague!

  6. hi i have 6ftx5ft room with 2×900 viperspectra lights 4 plants am thinking about another 3 lights to much for that space

    1. I put my 900’s on a light rail, you could do this in your room with 2 lights and see huge benefits. Light rail 3.5, comes with two 3/ft rails that can be attached to get a 6 foot rail. They are about $150 depending on where you get it, amazon has it for $144.


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