Spider Farmer Review & Comparison: Are these LED Grow Lights worth it?

Last Updated on June 12, 2022

Regardless of whether you’re a beginner, commercial, or home grower and looking for a professional-grade light or low-cost one, Spider Farmer has got product line from the affordable SE300 to the serious SF7000.

Company background

Spider Farmer is one popular player in the grow lights industry and has been the manufacturer of many popular grow lights models in the market since 2009. The company has proven to not only upgrade its models over the time but also lead the market in grow lights features and latest trends. They enjoy satisfied customers all over the world, and is considered one of top options by cannabis growers.

Delivery & Warranty

With warehouses in the United States, Canada, Australia, UK, and Germany, the company ensures the delivery within 3-8 business days. There were some issues with delivery during COVID but they are resolved now. Their products have a 5 years warranty with 30 days free return.

Do Spider farmer lights have UV?

Only SE series grow light models of spider farmer emit full spectrum light of 380-410nm ultraviolet UV for higher flower quality & weight along with 660-665nm red light to boost flowering/fruiting, 730-740nm infra-red (IR) to speed up phylochrome conversion, 3200-4200K warm white light to boost vegetation, 4800-5000K pure white light to promote foliage growth.


Spider Farmer’s grow lights are very energy efficient because of newer versions of top-notch Samsung diodes and the lack of cooling fans. Since it has no fan, it’s also super quiet. While most grow lights fall between 1.5 and 2.5 micromoles per Joule, the Spider Farmer produces an impressive 2.7-2.9 micromoles per Joule.


Spider farmer claims to use Samsung’s mid-power LED diodes LM301B which has a power rating of 0.2 W/3 V. The luminous flux of these diodes is 38.8 lm @ 65 mA with luminous efficacy of 220 lm/W. Samsung is one of the leaders in the horticultural grow light market and manufactures superior LEDs products that emit a full spectrum including infrared light for optimal plant growth. The updated and newer models of these grow lights also feature a dimmer knob and daisy chain capability. The first generation did not feature a daisy chain, and the dimmer needed to be adjusted from underneath the driver. The whole board of light is a water/moisture-proof aluminum sink that prevents over-heating.

LED Grow Light Product Line & Reviews

Spider Farmer has a wide range of products customized to the needs of different customers, garden sizes, and other requirements. Their lights range from bar-style grow light to flat quantum boards, from rectangular to square, and from a coverage area of 5 sq feet to 36 sq feet.

Spider Farmer SE Series – Bar style

The SF series offers bar-style led lights ranging from 300W to 1000W. The max coverage area of SF-1000 is 9 square feet which is enough to support one or two cannabis plants, while the SF-7000 is the largest size and covers a 36 square feet space. The bar design of SE series is designed to evenly spread the light across the canopy.

Spider FarmerPower/DiodesPPE/PPF/LumensSize/Coverage

Upgraded SE3000
896 pcs
2.75 umol/J
3×3 ft
610×610 mm
Check Price

Upgraded SE5000
2.75 umol/J
4×4 ft
860×860 mm
Check Price

Upgraded SE7000
2688 pcs
2.8 umol/J
5×5 ft
1151×1151 mm
Check Price

2.9 umol/J
5×5 ft
1151×1151 mm
Check Price

Spider Farmer SF Series -Board Style

The SF series features five rectangular board-style lights models which range from $160 for the SF-1000 to around $700 for the SF-7000. The max coverage area of SF-1000 is 9 square feet which is enough to support one or two cannabis plants, while the SF-7000 is the largest size and covers a 36 square feet space.

Spider Farmer sf1000 vs sf1000d? sf1000d is a cost-effective variation of sf1000 with lesser PPF, yet covering the same area with slightly smaller light dimensions. The SF-1000 light flowers 2×2 ft, the SF-2000 flowers 2×4 ft, the SF-4000 flowers 4×4 ft, and the SF-7000 flowers 5×5 ft. SF-4000 is one of the best LED grow lights for 4 by 4  grow tents. You can read the detailed specifics about each model below, as well as how they compare to each other.

Spider FarmerPower/
PPF/PPELight Size/Max Coverage
spider farmer sf 1000
218 pcs
250 umol/S
2.5 umol/J
325×290 mm
3×3 ft
Check Price

210 pcs
199 umol/S
2.5 umol/J
315×280 mm
3×3 ft
Check Price
spider farmer sf 2000
606 pcs
2.7 umol/J
648×268 mm
3×4 ft
Check Price
spider farmer sf 4000
1212 pcs
2.7 umol/J
648×536 mm
5×5 ft
Check Price
spider farmer sf 7000
1716 pcs
2.8 umol/J
736.8×558 mm
6×6 ft
Check Price

The SF-7000 is foldable and also features a detachable driver.

Spider Farmer G Series -cheaper

The G series is bar-style LED lights of Spider Farmer and has 2 models. The light size and coverage area of both models are the same. Both have square dimensions. The 8-bar G860W is advertised as a cost-effective model. The 10-bar G1000W gives better lumens and performance in the same coverage and size. The diodes of this series of lights are from Bridgelux, not Samsung.

Spider Farmer G Modeldiodes/PowerLight Size/CoveragePPF/Lumens/PPE

5×5 ft
Check Price

5×5 ft
Check Price

Overall, the price of the G1000w is more cost-effective than its counterpart SE1000W but the efficiency is lower and produces lesser PPFD. The operating voltage of the G1000W LED grow light is 220-277V. The light will not start for a voltage lower than 220V. You will require a voltage converter/transformer to run the light if your grid is 110V.

Spider Farmer Garden Light Series

The garden light is low-tier series of spider farmer. It emits 665nm, 740nm, 3000K, and 5000K but doesn’t emit UV/IR spectrum. These models are well suited for seedlings and vegetative plants like salad, basil etc, but not flowering plants like cannabis. The diodes of these models are not samsung’s LED like other spider farmer series. It features OSRAM diodes. Overall, Samsung’s LM301B (featured in other spider farmer models) is just better than anything Osram can offer currently in the full spectrum for efficiency and efficacy.

As said already, consider these models only if you’re a beginner or growing vegetative plants. Check more details of these model below.

Spider FarmerPower/
PPF/PPELight Size/Max Coverage
spider farmer sf 300
35 W
2.3 umol/J
600×150 mm
2×2.5 ft
Check Price
spider farmer sf 600
2.3 umol/J
1000×150 mm
2×4 ft
Check Price

Is Spider farmer better than Mars Hydro?

Spider Farmer uses Samsung’s LM301B diodes, whereas Mars Hydro grow lights use BridgeLux diodes except for SP 3000 which is the only Mars Hydro grow light model that also uses LM301B like Spider farmer. Both of these brands are trustable and have proven to yield good growth for many years.

Spider farmer Vs Viparspectra?

Viparspectra LED grow Lights is well suited for beginners and mid-tier growers. Most models of Viparspectra feature cooling fans that can be noisy, whereas Spider farmer has no fan and use the material and geometry of the product to keep it cool.


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