TaoTronics Review: Are these Cheapest LED Grow Lights Worth it?

Last Updated on December 16, 2018

TaoTronics are cheapest led grow lights that work because they are the best seller on Amazon seller for LED grow lights. It has a small size and is cheapest among top led grow lights. Available in 12W, 24W and 36W, it would be perfect for anyone who is just getting started and have one or two plants.

TaoTronics Review

Tao Tronics has been the best seller of grow lights on Amazon for ages now. The company has a good reputation and overwhelmingly positive comments from many happy customers.

They sell lots of different tech products and a quick check indicates that nearly all the reviews for their products are positive. There are also lots of positive comments about them having great customer service which is important.  They are not some fly by night company that sells cheap nasty stuff to the masses than vanish with our money. The products work well and they are good value for money and if something does go wrong they will help.

If you are in a hurry, then simply read below.

TaoTronics LED grow light is a great choice for beginner and those with a small indoor setup. Being cheapest LED grow lights, they have over 1500 satisfied customers. That’s why these lights are most popular grow light on Amazon. They use a minimal power that will have a negligible effect on your electricity bill.

Recommended Models



There are some specifications which TaoTronics have same on all LED grow light products.

Socket ModelE26
LifespanUp to 50,000 hours
Input VoltageAC 85-264v
Available Models TT-GL20 (12w), TT-GL22 (24w), TT-GL23(36w)
LED Color Bands 3 x 660nm leds, 6-7 x 630 nm leds, 2-3 460nm leds
Suggested Height1.7-5ft
Warranty1 yr
Price Check Price

TaoTronics LEDs

The bulb has 12 LEDs, three blue and nine red, which emit wavelengths of 660nm and 430nm as well as 630nm and 460nm for all phases of the growing cycle. These peak wavelengths are suitable for maximum chlorophyll A and B production.

Blue 460 nanometers: Blue light is good for photosynthesis; and help to induce Chlorophyll and Carotenoid, which are necessary for healthy leaves. Blue light is best for vegetation.

Red 610-720 nanometers: 660 nanometers is the peak wavelength for photosynthesis and photoperiodism. Red light is best for blooming and fruits.

TaoTronics led grow light 


TaoTronics led grow light bulb 


There is a 12 month manufactures warranty which is extended by another 6 months if you register your new purchase online. Make sure that you buy this light from an authorized dealer such as amazon.com because otherwise, your warranty will be void.

Other Features

Lifespan: LED lights have an average lifespan of 50,000 hours. Less than Viparspectra and other brands. However, for the price and watts, it's not a bad takeaway

Less heat, more growth: Keeping heat off plants is essential. By using aircraft grade aluminum and a unique heat sink design to maximize heat dissipation area, the LED maintains a cooler temperature even after 24 hours of continuous use.

Hardly Any Electricity Fees: Annually, only 100 kWh of energy is used in contrast to 1000 kWh by other lights. In contrast, traditional lights need to replace the bulb twice each year. TaoTronics make your life better, world greener, and wallet heavier.

Inexpensive: when you consider it’s a one-off purchase to allow you to garden all year.

The best part is it works on standard E26 light sockets so you do not have to purchase any special housing for the bulb.

Taotronics Comparison

TaoTronics LED Grow Light - Review

Number of Leds12 leds/1w12 leds/2w12 leds/3w
Input Current300mA500mA650mA
LED Angle30 degree30 degree60 degree
TaoTronics led grow light bulb review
TaoTronics led light Reviews

**TaoTronics 24w led grow light bulb: TT-GL22 is not available for sale on amazon, so we are not reviewing it further.

1. TaoTronics 12w led grow light: TT-GL20

TaoTronics TT-GL20 LED Grow Light Review Click here to Buy on Amazon

2. TaoTronics led grow light bulb 36w: TT-GL23

TaoTronics TT-GL23 LED Grow Light Review Click here to Buy on Amazon

Other TaoTronics LED Products

If you are looking for a higher wattage LED Lights or have a bigger indoor setup for growing plants, Check these LED Grow lights alternatives to Taotronics


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  1. Amazon product prices always fluctuate, the current price of TT-GL20 is $20. Thats amazing price for led grow light! Indeed the cheapest LED light!


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