Coleman Hot Tub Reviews, Buying Guide & Maintenance Tips

Last Updated on May 17, 2019

Coleman is one of the most popular, leading and trusted brand in best portable inflatable hot tubs.

They’ve been dominating the market of outdoor, sporting and recreational products for years.

The products and hot tubs manufactured by the Coleman are known and trusted for sturdy built, long-lasting durability and ease of use.

We are going to review the two most popular Coleman hot tubs.

Coleman Hot Tub Reviews

1. Coleman Lay Z Inflatable: 4-6 Person

Coleman Lay Z Spa Hot Tub Reviews

If you are planning to get an inflatable hot tub to pamper yourself, this brand is for you. Its outer walls are manufactured from fabric-coated material. Coleman Lay-Z spa comes with a pool cover that is coated with aluminum foil to keep the water extra warm. Aside from this, it also features integrated water filtration, rapid heating, and Lay-Z massage system.

  • With this inflatable, portable hot tub, you don’t have to install a large in-ground hot tub that requires 1000s of dollars, and the electrician and plumbing services. You can move this tub inside during cold weather or carry it with you on vacations.
  • It sets up easily and quickly, and no extra tools are needed.
  • you can fill this tub quickly using a standard garden hose. However, you have to allow the tub to heat the water for at least 24 hours to reach its maximum temperature of 104°F.
  • Although the bubbles create a vacuum cleaner like sound, the pump and heater don’t make a lot of noise. You will face this with any hot tub, no matter how expensive, but this can add to the soothing effect.
  • The Coleman Company offers greater, friendly, and helpful customer service. They provide a refrigerator magnet that has their toll-free phone number on it.
  • The Lay-Z Spa also can’t be left set up outside in temperatures under 40 °F, concluding it might not be the best choice for people who are looking for something to use in the winter and live in the coldest US states.
  • The bubbles in the Coleman Lay-Z Spa are not like hard water jets, but more like a soft massage. If you’re looking for those pounding jets, you won’t find that here, but you might enjoy the gentle bubbles.
  • The safety of the cover must be an issue, too. As per manual, it’s not a “safety cover”, place the tub at a secure setting (a fenced-in area or locked garage) that is not accessible by your children.
  • The heater doesn’t run when the bubbles are on like many other inflatable hot tubs.

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2. Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub: 4-Person

With about 90-100$ cheaper than Lay Z Spa, Saluspa can accommodate only 4 people and have a water capacity of 192-gallons.

Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub

Inflatable and portable hot tub that accommodates 4 people.

You can not only relax at home but also carry it with you on vacations. The cushioned floor and massage jets makes it easy for you to relax.

You can inflate the hot tub within minutes. The 60 air jets and a rapid heating system that heats the water up to 104 °F  provide a soothing atmosphere to lounge after a long day. You can set the temperature using the digital control panel without getting out of the spa. The walls are manufactured from durable 3-ply PVC that provides superior structural stability and well-built I-Beam structure allowing you to sit on the sides of the spa.

The 2 built-in side handles enable you to transport it easily. You also get a pack of 2 filter cartridges and chemical floater with the package to keep your spa clean. The inflatable cover keeps the water warm when the hot tub is not in use. Coleman Inflatable Miami Spa can provide you a luxurious experience in your home.

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Coleman Hot Tub Prices

The price of Coleman Lay-Z Spa under $500 and you can buy a SaluSpa under $400, which is quite economical for the features it offers. You may compare it to the Intex PureSpa, which is usually priced about $30 less and seems to have lower costs associated with replacing filters.

Coleman Spa Vs Intex Spa

You won’t go wrong if you buy either one as both of these spas are a great choice. However, Coleman Lay Z tub has a higher average consumer rating on Amazon than the Intex hot tub. Coleman Lay-Z Spa and Intex Purespa have same inflated Size of 77″ diameter x 28″ height. But Coleman Lay -z spa [254 Gal] have more water capacity than Intex [210 Gal]. It can accommodate 2 more people than Intext PureSpa.

So if you’re looking for a 6 person hot tub, you definitely should go with Coleman lazy spa. If you can accommodate in 4 people capacity. You have two option Intex PureSpa or Coleman Saluspa.

Unlike the Coleman Slauspa, Intex model provides all accessories that are necessary for any hot tub. This includes chemical testing strips, extra filter cartridges, and a chlorine dispenser.

Coleman Hot Tub Problems

Coleman Lazy Spa Error Codes

There can be several reasons why your heater/pump is displaying an error code. The following is a list of error codes, the reason behind them and how they can be solved. Check more here.

Lay Z Spa Heater Trips Out

When you press the heater button, it blows trip switch? With power disconnected, take off the cover, take off heater leads. Take a picture or write a note to remember where they go. If turning it on doesn’t blow fuse it’s a bad heater element. You may need a replacement.

Tip: Take the filters out of the heater/pump unit and store them in a dry place if you are not using your hot tub for a long period of time. Just don’t forget to fix them back in before turning the filter pump on. Also, bleed the system of air again before using hot tub again.

Keeping the tub clean is very important as the debris (gravel, hair strands, grass, leaves, etc) that stuck in the pump may restrict it from working properly.

Coleman Hot Tub Features

Since Coleman Lay z spa is the best of the 2 with over 1200 reviews from customers on the Amazon. We’ll dive into the details of this hot tub product.

Lay-Z-Massage System

The hydromassage system is the crucial feature of Coleman Lay-Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub that is equipped with 120 bubble jets.

Rapid Heating System

This feature heats the water in hot tub water quickly, approx 2-3 degrees per hour. However, it takes about 24 hours to increase the temperature of the water to a maximum of 104 °F.

You can achieve the temperature in only 6 hours if you use hot water as reported by many users. However, it may cost you some extra bucks.

Digital Control Panel

Integrated on top of the large egg-shaped green device, this panel controls all of the features of hot tub. Using this, You can control the temperature, activate the bubbles, and lock the control panel (as a child-safety feature). A review of the control panel buttons shows the following:

Coleman hot tub Digital panelA review of the control panel buttons shows the following:

  • Auto-lock: There is a five-minute auto lock on the control panel. Holding this button down for 3 seconds release the controls.
  • You can reduce or increase the water temperature by pressing up arrow and a down arrow on the left and right sides.
  • You can start the heating system by pressing the button with a mark of a sunray. The water is heated until its temperature reaches 1 degree higher than the set temp. The 2 degrees temp drop below the set temperature activates the heating system again. The red light above the heat button indicates that the system is activated. The green light indicates the water is at the desired temp and the heating system is at rest.
  • Pressing the button marked with the 3 bubble sprays will activate the bubble massage system.
  • Button marked F/C on the bottom left lets toggles between Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature readings.
  • You can turn the water filtration on and off by pressing the toggle button on the right side of the temp button. The red light above the button indicates that the filtration is activated.

Integrated Water Filtration

The filtration system keeps your water clean and comes with a twin pack of two extra filters. When the heating system is turned on, the filtration system will automatically restart that will keep operating even when the heating system turns off. Although your hot tub comes with a filter, it is important to wash these out under the tap and replace them with a new one over the time. You can buy some here

Seats: There are no built-in seats, but you sit on a soft, cushioned bottom, similar to sitting on an air mattress.

DVD detailing spa setup and maintenance.

There is a six-month warranty on the spa liner and a one-year warranty on the spa pump.

Coleman Hot Tub Accessories

  • Floating LED Lights: You can use a floating lighting device to add some lights and colors to your spa that will brighten up your spa and evening with some mood lighting. Check it out here out here
  • Hot tub chemicals: Keeping your water appropriately tested and using the correct chemicals is very important. Check a complete guide about chemicals in hot tubs here.
  • Insulated Cover: The aluminum foil coated cover coating maintains the heat and keeps debris out of your hot tub when you aren’t using it. The round leather-type piece fits inside the cover and inflates to perfectly insulate the tub. Check Lay-Z Spa cover here
  • Chemical Floater: This small plastic floating device easily dispenses the necessary chemicals in the water. This is usually included with the hot tub.
  • Air-Padded Ground Cloth: This is included to protect the bottom of your spa.
  • Coleman Hot Tub Filters: To filter out debris, maintain the good shape of the pump and to avoid any damage to the hot tub equipment. You may have to replace the filter from time to time with a new one. You can buy one here

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There are 16 comments

  1. I’ve had several of these hot tubs and have had nothing but problems

    Gfci trips continually
    Pump continual error codes
    Tub deflates

    These are junk and should be removed from sales

  2. Is it possible to replace just the green egg unit? The tub is fine but the control unit leaks and gives an E02 error. I have looked over all I can and not sure what else to do.

  3. I need to replace the cushioned floor of my inflatable hot tub. I cannot find how to do this. I have the Coleman lay-z-spa. Please help me with this matter.

    1. heater shuts off about every three days(usually when I want to use it) Pretty sure it’ about to hit the dump and go with different brand. pretty disappointed coleman,I grew up with your products.

  4. We’ve had ours 3 summers now with a lot of use and we LOVE it. We’ve never had any problems until now (we’re getting the E02 error). This however is our fault because we left it out all winter in the cold and snow and I think the housing cracked. It worked all spring and summer but finally died.
    All in all we were very happy with it and will probably get another one.

    1. We live in Ohio. We leave ours up and on year round. We use a roll of silver insulating material, similar to what you would wrap a water heater in and surround the entire tub. A separate piece surrounds the pump. It is on our porch, on concrete. We love this hot tub! This is our 3rd year.

  5. Have had the coleman lazy spa for three years well worth the money. Only complaint is their pumps noisy and unreliable and no parts available. Finally just by pasted it with another pump working fine and quieter.

  6. Have had the Coleman SaluSpa for one month. Not been able to use it. Had the jets working for one minute after all set up, now they don’t work. Disappointed with it.

  7. I try and keep my Coleman Saluspa very clean but it smelled bad so I drained it, washed filters w water, rinsed it dried it and the rubber still has an odor. What can I do to get rid of it?


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