Daiwa BG Series Review & Comparison: Which One Suits Your Needs?

Last Updated on May 12, 2019

Daiwa BG Black Gold Spinning Reel Series offers the best value for a high-quality fishing reel in history! You may not get this quality in any other $100 reel.

These affordable fishing reels are built better than any under $250 reel. They are even better than Stella, Saltiga, and Stradic.

It feels like a nicely-put-together reel, and the specs suggest it will provide years of honest service. It shares many of the features of Daiwa’s more expensive spinning reels, such as tough threaded handle (just like Saltiga), Genuine stainless NMB bearings (just like my Stella), Air Rotor (but in ‘Graphite’, not ‘Zaion’), rotor brakes (to stop the rotor turning when the bail is open),  all-metal body & rotor, a braid-ready spool & roller and fantastically smooth carbon drag system; although it misses out on Air Bail. To top it all off, they look awesome.

Daiwa BG Size Comparison

The Daiwa next generation of BG spinning reel series comes in 10 models ranging from freshwater ultralight actions to saltwater heavy big game models. The three gear ratios of models range from 1500 up to 8000 providing you with options to choose the right size for your fishing needs.

The BG2500 model handles 300 yds of #15 braid and is your go-to reel for heavy freshwater and light inshore fishing. The BG3500 size perfectly fits 300 yards of #20 braid for inshore fishing. The BG4500 model is suitable for 350 yds of #40 braid and can handle dorado, school tuna, yellowtail, and sails.

Check out the comparison between all models. (Bearings of all models are the same 6+1)

ModelMono Cap
Braid Cap
Max Drag
Gear RatioLine Retrieve
4.45.6:128.38.5 Check Price
4.45.6:129.58.5 Check Price
13.25.6:133.29.3 Check Price
15.45.6:137.410.8 Check Price
17.65.7:138.514.1 Check Price
17.65.7:139.914.3 Check Price
225.7:143.122 Check Price
225.7:147.422.2 Check Price
335.3:148.729.5 Check Price
335.3:153.330 Check Price

Daiwa BG Features

1. Construction -Durability

Daiwa BG spinning reel is manufactured with a machined aluminum that provides robustness and stability to the internal structure. Daiwa has black anodized the body and cover of the reel that makes it more resistant to scratches and corrosion. The anodization process is more effective than paint/coating as it allows for better adhesion to the aluminum and will not peel enhancing the brilliant look of the BG spinning reels.

2. Large Digital Gear Integration

Daiwa BG series is equipped with the largest drive and best performing gear in the history of Daiwa spinning reels. The large gear with more contact points in gear-tooth provides a longer lifespan, increased torque, smoothness and more power.

3. Large & Tight Handle

The Screw-in-Handle design of Daiwa bg offers zero movements between the handle arm and main gear. This minimal movement gives the angler both control and confidence when rotating the handle.

4. Lightweight Air Rotor

The weight of the Air Rotor is about 15% less when compared to ordinary rotor designs. The unique shape eliminates unnecessary weight and disperses the pressure equally throughout the rotor for maximal strength.

5. Anti Backlash System

Daiwa has maximized core diameter of the spool in bg series that allows the line to flows freely in larger coils and produces less line memory coil. Combined with reversed taper mean that there is no dead line stuck in a deep core.  You can fill it with the 100% usable line right up to the edge of the spool lip without any fear of twist/tangles. This also offers lesser casting friction for easier and longer casting.

Other features include

  • Waterproof Drag System
  • Carbon ATD
  • Infinite Anti-Reverse System (4000 & Smaller)
  • Manual Return Bail (4500 & Larger)
  • 6BB+1RB
  • Infinite Dual Anti-Reverse System (4500 & Larger)

Product Line of Daiwa Black Gold BG Spinning Reel Series

We have narrowed Daiwa models down to common applications on the basis of sizes. This guide will help you find and choose the best fishing reel for your needs.

Small-Sized Models

Common Applications (Guide only): Small fishing reel mostly suited for light fishing in lakes, rivers, bays, harbors etc.

Popular for fish species (most common types): Trout, Flathead, Whiting, Luderick, Bream, Bass, Perch.

Daiwa BG 1500

Daiwa BG 1500 review

Recommended mono: 2-4 lb (1-2 kg)

Recommended Braid: 4-8 lb

Right fishing rod for this size reel: As the 1500 sized model is quite small, a 6-7 foot  long rod would typically pair this reel that has a fishing line rating of anywhere between 2-4 lb.

Daiwa BG 2000

Daiwa BG 2000 review

Recommended Braid line: 5-10 lb

recommended mono: 4-6 lb (2 kg-3 kg)

The right fishing rod for this size model: A 2000 sized reel suit a 6–7.5 ft long fishing rod having a line class rating somewhere between 4-1 lb.

Daiwa BG 2500: Best size for bass fishing

Daiwa BG 2500 review

Recommended Braid line: 5-12 lb

recommended Mono: 5-8 lb (2.5 kg-4 kg)

The fishing rod for this size reel: 2500 size reels suits best for anglers using a 6-7 ft long rod which have a line rating of around 4-10 lbs.

This impressive small reel is ideal for spin or soft bait fishing of any sort, in both fresh and saltwater. It is good for micro-jigging too, with retrieve of 5.6:1 . The drag is silky smooth and puts out a max of around 6kg.

Daiwa BG 3000

Daiwa BG 3000 review

Recommended Braid Line: 6-14 lb

Recommended mono: 6-10 lb (3kg-5kg)

The right fishing rod for 3000 Size reel: A 6-7.5 ft long rod would normally be most suitable for pairing up with this fairly light class reel. The rod should have a line class between 6-14 lbs. This can be used as a lightweight blackfish reel on 9-10ft rods which are rated to 8 lbs.

Daiwa BG 3500

Daiwa BG 3500 review

Recommended Braid line: 6-14 lb

Recommended mono: 6-10 lb (3-5 kg)

The fishing rod for 3500 sized reel:  A 6-7 ft rod will pair up nicely with this reel that has a line class rating anywhere between 6-14 lbs. However, you can also use this size on a light 10ft rod that is rated to around 8 lbs if you are chasing blackfish or whiting.

Medium-Sized Models

Common Applications (Guide only): Medium fishing reel mostly suited to lakes, rivers, bays, harbors, light offshore boat fishing etc.

Popular for fish type (most common species): Tailor, Morwong, Mangrove Jack, Snapper, Mulloway, Bone Fish, Cod, Drummer, Barramundi.

Remember you can use this reel for several other applications as well because we have listed only most common ones.

Daiwa BG 4000

Daiwa BG 4000 review

Recommended mono: 8-12 lb (4-6kg)

Recommended Braid line: 8-20 lb

Fishing rod for a 4000 reel: A medium action 6-7 ft (barra/snapper style) rod having a line class rating of around 8-20lbs  will generally suit this size reel model. A 8-10 ft long light-surf rod having a light line class of about 6-10 lbs will also pair up nicely with this reel.

Daiwa BG 4500

Daiwa BG 4500 review

Recommended mono: 8-12 lb (4-6 kg)

Recommended Braid line: 8-20 lb

Fishing rod for 4500 model:  A 6-8 ft long rod with line rating of 8-20 lbs will suit this great mid-size reel. It will also be fine to use on a light surf rod rated up to 10 lbs.

Daiwa BG 5000

Daiwa BG 5000 review

Recommended Braid line: 10-25 lb

Recommended mono: 10-14 lb (5-7kg)

Right fishing rod for 5000 Sized reels: The 6-7 ft long barra or snapper rods rated up to 20lbs or light-med 10-11 ft surf rod rated up to 12lbs will nicely pair up with this medium size reel. A 8-9 ft general purpose rod will also go well.

Large-Sized Models

Common Applications (Guide only): Large size reel commonly used for boat fishing, beach or rock fishing.

Popular for fish type (most common species): Snapper, Morwong, Tailor, Cod, Mulloway, Aust Salmon, Kingfish, Samson Fish, Groper, Mulloway

Daiwa BG 6500

Daiwa BG 6500 review

Recommended Braid Line: 15-35 lb

Recommended mono: 14-18 lb (7-9kg)

Fishing rod for 7000 sized reels: The (spin models) boat fishing rods, 10 or 12-foot beach rods, or even 8-9ft general purpose rods are suitable for this sized reels.

Daiwa BG 8000

Daiwa BG 8000 review

Recommended Braid Line: 20-50 lb

Recommended mono: 16-20 lb (8-10kg)

Fishing rod for 8000 sized fishing reels: These large fishing reels are designed primarily for rock, surf, or ocean boat fishing. The rods with 12 feet or more in length is suitable for this reel

A 400 yds of reaction tackle 80lb braid on it casts very well. It is a bit heavy but the quality and size you get with this reel are completely unmatchable. No Penn or Shimano reel in $100 price range will come close to the drag pressure or spool size this has. Even, some 500 dollar reels don’t perform this well.


Daiwa Series offers the best value for the money and a lot of options given the range of reel sizes. The best feature of this reel is that you can just remove the bail trip ramp to make it a manual. These reels come with a one-year factory warranty. You can use it for everything including saltwater (e.g. catching bluefish) and freshwater.


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  1. What size would be suitable for freshwater fishing with a medium heavy rod for pike fishing? I was hoping to pair this with an Ugly Stick GX2.

    1. The 3000-4000 sized Daiwa BG and fish lures in a range between 2-5″ would do good for pike. Although the pike is not fast swimmer, you would like to have a lot of line capacity as a larger pike can cruise for a longer distance. The Uglystick GX2 is a pretty good choice as it can cast up to almost 1.5 oz and provide good support for setting the hook.

  2. Hi
    I have a 9ft Shimano STC 270MH (15-40g) and am looking for a suitable reel. Would the 4000 be a decent match for this?

  3. I want to purchase the BG reel but am torn between the 2500 and 3000. I typically fish with 4000 series Shimano reels. Which do you recommend, the 2500 or 3000? Thanks

  4. Something I cannot find anywhere in a search is the actual measurements of all sizes of the Daiwa BG reel models. Length with spool retracted, length with spool extended, height, width, rotor diameter, spool diameter, etc. That would be very helpful info when trying to decide the size BG model I want to put on a rod and compare the size to other brands with similar size rating.


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