Shimano Nasci Review 2022: Pros, Cons, Comparison & Alternatives

Last Updated on May 8, 2022

Shimano has been developing reels having its high-end features at a very affordable price. Released in 2016, Nasci reels series has replaced the Shimano Symetre series. Its advanced features with under $100 price make it one of the most popular Shimano spinning reels.

Available in the 5 most popular reel sizes among the anglers, This reel is for just about any freshwater action and inshore/coastal saltwater situations.

If you are looking at a more mid-advanced reel from an entry-level one, then you will surely notice the improvement in performance that the Shimano Nasci provides. You quickly learn to trust the reel when spinning lures and soft plastics.


shimano nasci review

Ball Bearings: 4

Roller Bearings: 1

Maximum Drag: 7 – 24 (lb)

Front Drag

Retrieve Per Crank Range: 26 – 41 (in)

Key Features: Hagane Gear, Core Protect

Nasci features a cold forged aluminum drive gear that is 165% more durable than the Zinc casting gears. CoreProtect feature in Nasci provides water resistance with a compromise on anti-reverse bearing (roller clutch) and rotation lightness reel body.

Moreover, NASCI also offers G-Free Body design so the center of gravity is nearer to the rod to reduce fatigue. It also features a thicker, more durable bail wire, and Shimano’s X-Ship technology where bearings support the spindle/pinion gear that efficiently transmits the power.

Its aluminum cold forged handle is also very a rigid and durable, and an easy to adjust large front drag knob.

In 1000 – 4000 sizes, NASCI reels use felt drag washers that perform best for the fishing situation when you use under 10 pounds of drag pressure.

NASCI C5000reel has CrossCarbon drag washer to better handle the higher drag pressure needed in coastal/inshore fishing situations.

Anti-reverse feature is permanent with no switch to manually reverse retrieve. This can be a con and pro as well depending on where and what type of fishing you do.

What size suits you?

The NASCI line-up includes 1000, 2500, C3000HG, 4000XG and C5000XG.

ModelBody SizePower Line CapMono Line CapWeight
Max DragLine
Gear RatioPrices
7.67265.0:1 Check Price
8.820295.0:1 Check Price
8.820366.2:1 Check Price
10.424396.2:1 Check Price
10.624416.2:1 Check Price

All five reels feature five ball bearings plus Shimano’s one-way bearing Power Roller. 

The NAS1000 and NAS2500 have 5.0:1 gear ratios. Nasci 1000 takes in 31-inches of line per crank, and 2500 takes in 29-inches per crank. The size 1000 has the capacity for 85 yards of 15-pound test PowerPro or 140 yards of 4-pound test monofilament/fluorocarbon. While 2500 can handle 145 yards of 15-pound test PowerPro or 140 years of eight-pound mono/fluoro;

Shimano C3000 has the same size as of 3000. So what’s the difference?

Shimano Nasci 2500 vs 3000

Although designed with the same body size as 2500, C3000 has a large capacity spool, take in 36-inches. It has narrower spool arbor and deeper spool to hold a little more line. Hence, C3000HG holds 140 yards of 20-pound PowerPro or 170 yards of 8-pound mono/fluoro. Moreover, It has the T shaped knob over the single paddle style.

With powerful 6.2:1 gear ratio, the 4000XG takes in 39-inches per crank and C5000 (same body size as 4000) pulls in 41-inches per crank.

170 yards of 30-pound PowerPro or 200 yards of 10-pound test mono/fluoro fills the 4000XG. With the large spool capacity with 4000 body size, C5000XG can take 200 yards of 30-pound PowerPro or 195 yards of 12-pound test mono/fluoro.

Pros & Cons

  • Holds up great in saltwater
  • Strong drag & Silky smooth
  • Picks up line quickly
  • A great price point for this quality
  • Composite body
  • Lightweight
  • Hagane precision cold forged gear drives
  • No reel-reverse switch
  • Strong drag learning curve
  • Problems with the drag clicking mechanism
  • Not a fully sealed reel
  • Spool is not braid ready


Shimano Nasci vs Stradic

Shimano Stradic features Aluminium body as compared to graphite of Nasci. Although, Stradic comes in a price almost double of that of Nasci, the extra features, durability and performance it offers is unmatchable. Stradic has A-RB bearings. The knob and handle of the stradic has a much better design. The handle screws into the main gear instead of a pass through and secure on the other side scheme.

Although the body of the FK is not sealed, there is a seal on both sides of the handle, above the one-way anti-reverse bearing and around the rotor nut. More extra features include:

  • Worm gear design that allows the spool to move upward quickly and downward slowly to wind the line in a precise pattern. It reduces friction and gives a smoother, longer casting ability.
  • Anti-reverse to instant hook setting power.
  • The gear is not going to show any wear, even if used heavily.
  • With all these features, It is still super lighter than Nasci.

Shimano Stradic is definitely for you if you are looking for a responsive and a very light reel, and want to go to the next level with performance.

Read the full review of Shimano stradic FK & CI4+ here

Shimano Nasci vs Daiwa BG

Daiwa BG reels come in 10 models that give you more flexibility of size options. Both have a very competitive price. Compared to Nasci, Daiwa BG has smoother drag, a metallic body, and great gears.

Moreover, Daiwa has 6 high-end ball bearings as compared to 4 of Nasci. Daiwa BG has better line retrieve rate but Nasci has better gear ratio than Daiwa except for 2500 size. Nasci is a little lighter in weight and has better max drag.

These affordable Daiwa BG reels have shown that great quality can be achieved at low cost. Overall, You can use the Daiwas BG for heavier setups, the Nasci on your lighter setups.

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Shimano Nasci vs Sahara

Sahara is about $20 cheaper than Nasci. Both cast as far and feels as equally smooth during the retrieve. Sahara does not have core protect, hence lacks water protection.


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