Best Reel Mower Review 2022: Push to Mow Guide for Your Lawn

Last Updated on May 8, 2022

A lawn without mower is not an option. You must own a best Reel Lawn Mower to give your lawn the even look.

The history of reel mowers dates back to the 19th century when an engineer from the UK invented it. That’s how a flock of sheep is no more needed to clear a tiny patch of grassland.

After learning about the advantages of a reel mower, you may plan to replace your powered mower with any of these reel mowers or buy one if you haven’t yet any.

Introduction to Reel Mower

Reel lawn mowers are usually known as human-powered mowers that rely merely on sharp blades and the muscle-power of the operator.

How does Push Reel Mower work?

A reel mower is a mechanical instrument with a blade attached to a handle that rotates by drawing energy from the spinning of the wheels.reel mowers parts

There are 3 main structural elements in a reel cutting unit:

Reel: consists of several helix-shaped blades, mounted to a rotating shaft.

Frame: supports the rollers, the bed bar assembly, and reel with its drive mechanism, which can be
hydraulic, belt driven, or ground driven.

Bedknife: is fixed to the bed bar. The assembly is integrated into the mainframe in a way that allows for adjustment and paralleling to reel.

The motion of spiral blades over the static bedknife of the reel mower performs a scissors-like shearing action to cuts grass. The bed knife needs to closely match and synched with sharp reel blades to execute cutting action.

Reel Mowers basics

The reel mower has two rollers. The solid rear roller drags the cutting unit. The front roller leads the cutting unit and may be any one of many types due to the forces working on it.

The Height of Cut (HOC) measures the distance between the shear point and roller plane. Some cutting units, like the newer DPA design, uses the front roller to set the height as their rear roller is static. Whereas the front roller of other cutting units is static, and the HOC is set using the rear roller.

Are Manual Lawn Mowers any good?

Decide yourself!

Pros of Push Reel Mowers

  • A must have standby mower, if one of your powered mowers fail to do the job, or runs out of batteries or fuel. Remember, your reel mower will never fail!
  • Powered mowers tend to leave some spots out especially on wet or high grass. That´s when a reel mower provides you the extra manual power you need.
  • Lighter in Weight: The modern reel mowers are lightweight and well designed to be far easier to push than any powered push rotary mower. [Obviously, self-propelling power mowers may require lesser push than even a reel mower.]
  • In lawn with a few flower beds riddled across, your reel mower you can get as close as possible to obstacles and flower beds without any mess. And with an accompanying edger, you can maintain perfect lawns.
  • A perfect tool on hilly lawns. Where a motorized mower can flip over, your reel mower will just stick on the ground!
  • Quietest mowers: far quieter than any rotary mower. You can hear chirping birds in the morning, and even your pet dog will not react to mowing.
  • Mulching: Reel mower does not harm a lawn in any way. The grass becomes healthier and greener in color. The clippings are recycled back into the lawn, providing valuable nutrients, such as nitrogen.
  • Budget Friendly: Most of the reel mowers come for less than $100 making them an affordable tool to keep in your out-shed.
  • Zero Maintenance: With no motor or engine, no moving components other than the blade mechanism, reel mowers need almost no maintenance. It needs only regular greasing to the joints and replacement of the blades to keep it sharp and ready.
  • Ideal For Short Runs: Even when you own an electric or gas mower, having a reel mower is always beneficial. Got a small patch that’s grown slightly taller than the surroundings? Take out the reel mower and get it under control in a matter of minutes.
  • Eco-friendly: No gas and electricity needed – reel mowers are environmentally safe, powered by you.
  • One Time Investment: No recurring cost of Gas, petrol or electricity as in powered mowers. Once you purchase a reel mower, you own it for life. Just a pure mechanical rotating Machine. They have a longer lifespan.
  • Easy to use & Hassle Free: A simple machines with a spinning mechanism to cut grass. There is no starter cord or some electric start button. You need no gas or batteries. You just need a fair pair of legs and the will to start mowing!
  • Nicer Cut: The reel mower cuts with a shearing cut, the grass tips stay greener and the lawn looks healthier.

Cons of Push Reel Mowers

  • Reel lawn mowers don’t chop up twigs as do rotary mowers. In fact, twigs get stuck in blades that need to be removed by hand. You can not use the reel mowers to shred the leaves in fall for the composting. You will need a rotary mower or compost shredder.
  • A reel mower is not suitable to edge your lawn. To get nice manicured edges, you really need to use an edger.
  • Reel mower cannot trim your lawn as a powered lawn mower cannot do that either! To trim your lawn, you will be needing a string trimmer or lawn trimmer.
  • You need to use some energy to push the mower. It may be tiresome for some and good aerobic exercise for some folks!
  • Lawn size should be under 3000sq ft – unless you’re sharing the work with a helper, it gets to be a chore with a larger lawn.
  • It takes 30% longer time to cut grass with reel mower than with a powered mower. Moreover, to mow the corner areas, you have to push the reel mower forth and back a couple of times. However, you need to guide walk behind mowers let it be a push reel mowers or a powered one.
  • You need to cut grass more often because reel lawn mowers can’t cut long grass. An exception is Fiskars Staysharp lawn mower.
  • Not suited for mature, overgrown grass and land with a lot of weeds.

Guide to choosing the Best Reel Mower

You may look at these things in push lawn mower depending on your need.

Cut Width: The wider the blade, the more grass you can cut. For small lawns – average blade width 13.3inch (34cm). For larger areas. Average blade width – 15inch (40cm).

The height of Mower: Different grass grow differently. Choose a lawn mower with higher height, If you are lazy and let your yard grass grow longer.

Wheels: The mowers with higher wheels are ideal for a lawn with rough places and bumps. Mowers whose wheels have bearings are more durable but they will be more expensive. Lubricating the bearing is important to avoid any jamming.

Attachments: Is it possible to install a grass collector or not?

Manual Lawn Mower – Comparison

You may find many manual reel mowers for sale on the market. Here is a comparison of best and trusted manual Push Mowers. You can choose based on your needs. The table is sorted on basis of the popularity of Lawn Mowers.

Manual Reel Lawn MowerCutting WidthWeightHeightWarrantyFeaturesPrice
Fiskars Staysharp:
Easiest to Push
18"52 lbs1"-4"3 yrsAdvanced Reel Mower$$$
Great States 20414"20 lbs0.5"-1.5"1 yrCheapest of All$
Great States 30414"22 lbs1"-1.75"1 yr$
Great States 141516"26 lbs0.5"-2.25"1 yrSteel Side Plate$
Great States 81518"27 lbs0.5"-2.75"2 yrsSteel Side Plate$$
Scotts 2000 Classic20"34 lbs1"-3"2 yrsheat-treated steel blades$$
American 120414"19 lbs0.5"-1.75"1 yr$
American 130414"21 lbs1"-1.75"1 yr$
American 141516"25 lbs0.5"-2.25"1 yrSteel Side Plate$
American 181518"29 lbs0.5"-2.75"2 yrsSteel Side Plate$$
GreenWorks 2505216"26 lbs1.12"-2.25"4 yrsMulching + rear discharge$
GreenWorks 2506218"30 lbs1.75"-2.75"4 yrsMulching + rear discharge$
GreenWorks 2507220"31 lbs1.75"-2.75"4 yrsMulching + rear discharge$

Manual Lawn Mower – Reviews

1. Fiskars Staysharp Max: Easiest to Push & Best for St. Augustine

Best Reel Mower - fiskars staysharp max
fiskars Reel Mower review

Product Info:

  • Walk Behind Reel Mower


  • 17-inch cutting deck
  • Staysharp technology
  • 30% easier to push
  • 4 Height positions between 1-4 inches
  • Weight: 52 lbs
  • 3 Yrs warranty

Its Inset Wheel design allows the mower to edge closer than any Other reel mowers. It has the greatest cut range of any reel mower with 1″ to 4″ cut height settings. It is vital when a week of mowing is missed. Easier to push because of its design. Best choice in Reel mower.

2. Great States 204

Great States 204 cheapest Reel mower

Product Info:

  • Walk Behind Reel Mower


  • Cutting Width: 14-inch
  • PushHandle: T-handle
  • 8.5-inch ball bearing wheels
  • Blades: 3-spider 1-blade
  • Cutting Height: 0.5″ to 1.5″ inch
  • Weight: 20 pounds
  • Grass Catcher: Optional

3. Great States 304

Great States 304 Push Reel Mower

Product Info:

  • Walk Behind Reel Mower


  • 14 inch cutting deck
  • 10-inch ball bearing wheels
  • 3 Height Positions
  • Anti-dust Treatment
  • Height range: 1″-1.75″
  • Heat treated blades for longlasting quality cut
  • Weight: 21 lbs
  • 1 year warranty

4. Great States 1415

Great States 1415 Reel Push mower

Product Info:

  • Walk Behind Reel Mower


  • 16 inch cutting deck
  • 10-inch ball bearing wheels
  • 3 Height Positions
  • Height range: 0.5″-2.25″
  • Anti-dust Treatment
  • Heat treated blades for longlasting quality cut
  • Weight: 26 lbs
  • 1 year warranty

Small, well-built mower with a reasonable price tag, cut quality, 3 height options but have no bag.

5. Great States 815

Great States 815 manual reel mower

Product Info:

  • Walk Behind Reel Mower


  • 18 inch cutting deck
  • 10-inch ball bearing wheels
  • 3 Height Positions
  • Height range: 0.5″-2.75″
  • Anti-dust Treatment
  • Heat treated blades for longlasting quality cut
  • Weight: 27 lbs
  • 2 year warranty

6. Scotts 2000 Classic

Scotts 2000 Classic manual reel mower

Product Info:

  • Walk Behind Reel Mower


  • 20 inch cutting deck
  • 10-inch dual tracking wheels
  • 9 Height Positions from 1-3 inches
  • 5 Heat-treated steel blades
  • Weight: 34 lbs
  • 2-years warranty

Extra wide cutting deck for less passes, Easy to maneuver inspite of deck size but Tends to suffer near the edges and
Cannot handle large twigs.

7. American 1204

American 1204 mower

Product Info:

  • Walk Behind Reel Mower


  • 14″ cutting deck
  • Perfect for most turf grasses
  • Cleaner and precise cut
  • Steel construction
  • 8.5 inch polymer wheels
  • Cutting height between 0.5 and 1.5 inch
  • Weight: 19 lbs
  • 1 Yr warranty

Cheap, Durable steel, Lightweight, Easy cornering and mowing close to edgesss but the warranty is the worst among the listed mowers.

8. American 1304

American 1304

Product Info:

  • Walk Behind Reel Mower


  • 14 inch cutting deck
  • 5 blades
  • 10 inch polymer wheels
  • Cutting height between 1 and 1.75 inch
  • Weight: 21 lbs
  • 1 Yr warranty

9. American 1415

American 1415

Product Info:

  • Walk Behind Reel Mower


  • 16 inch cutting deck
  • Perfect for most turf grasses
  • 5 blades
  • Unbreakable Steel Side Plate
  • 10 inch polymer wheels
  • Cutting height between 0.5 and 2.25 inch
  • Weight: 25 lbs
  • 1 Yr warranty

10. American 1815

American 1815

Product Info:

  • Walk Behind Reel Mower


  • 18 inch cutting deck
  • Unbreakable Steel Side Plate
  • 10-inch polymer wheels
  • Cutting height between 0.5 and 2.75 inch
  • Weight: 29 lbs
  • 2 Yr warranty

11. GreenWorks 25052, 25062, 25072

GreenWorks 25052 review

Product Info:

  • Walk Behind Lawn Mower
  • Push Reel Mower


  • 3 Models Available
  • 5 blades
  • Adjustable grass catcher
  • 2-in-1 feature provides mulching and rear discharge capabilities
  • Zero fumes, No Gas, Quiet and Easy to Use
  • 10-inch large front wheels
  • Price around/under $100
Reel Lawn MowerCutting
GreenWorks 2505216"26 lb10"front & 2"rear4 x 1.125" - 2.25"Check Price
GreenWorks 2506218"30.1 lb10"front & 4"rear9 x 1.75" - 2.75"Check Price
GreenWorks 2507220"31.8 lb10"front & 6"rear9 x 1.75" - 2.75"Check Price

Their 4-years warranty tells itself, how much they believe in the quality of their products. Buy one that fufil your needs.

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Common FAQs about Reel Mowers

What height to set to mow your grass?

It depends on the type of grass. Check the following table that recommends the cut heights for different grasses.

Warm Season GrassesCut HeightCool Season GrassesCut height
Bermuda0.5" - 2"Bluegrasses2" - 4"
St. Augustine2" - 4"Tall fescue2” – 3”
Zoysia0.5" - 2"Ryegrass2" - 4"
Bahia grass/Buffalograss2” – 3”Bentgrass0.25”-0.75”
Centipede1.5” – 2.5”Fine fescue1.5”-2.5”

Reel mower for zoysia grass?

Green State and American lawn mower will work fine for zoysia grass.

Reel mower for St Augustine grass?

Fiskars Staysharp is the only push reel mower to cut St Augustine Grass.

Reel mower for tall grass?

Reel mowers are not usually used for tall grass nor they are recommended. Yet, Fiskars Staysharp is the only reel mower that can efficiently cut long grass.

Reel mowers for bermudagrass?

Like zoysia grass, Green State and American lawn mower will work fine for bermudagrass as well.

How to cut tall grass with a Reel Mower?

The reel mower is not able to cut tall grass. There may be odd bits of quack(swamp) grass growing in your lawn which can grow to 8″ seemingly overnight. If there are only a few small patches, so you can yank them out as you go. The reel mower is not suitable for the job if there’s a lot of this swamp grass.

A simple solution for this is to buy a grass whip (around $25) that makes it easy to whip down the bits of grass missed by the reel mower.

Also, Go for Fiskars Staysharp, As it is the only reel mower that can fairly cut long grass.

Reel Mower vs Rotary Mower

Unlike reel ones, the rotary mowers have only one blade that makes it easier to adjust the cutting deck. Rotary mowers break the grass blades off, instead of cleanly cutting grass like a pair of scissors, as reel mowers do. Hence, reel mower cut the grass more professionally than a rotary mower does, giving your lawn a better texture.

Reel mower vs electric

Electric mowers have a limitation. If they are cordless (means they are battery powered), they are time-limited and you need to recharge. If they are corded, it will have limitations of how far you can mow and the cord is usually stuck in legs and fences. You will not face these cons of an electric mower in a reel push mower. However, you need human power to keep reel mower mowing. And it’s Eco-friendly and it will not impact your electricity bill at all.

Reel mowers vs gas

Push models weigh 50-75% lesser than gas lawnmowers but they require more physical effort, especially at the start. Push mowers are eco-friendly and have no fuel-cost as opposed to gas mowers.

Cutting grass becomes a form of exercise; strengthen muscles, burn calories, and enjoy the clean, fresh air.

Hopefully, this guide should solve your reel mower buying woes, and you will be able to buy the perfect reel mower that will be best for your lawn and your needs. If you have any Question? Ask in comments, I love your Comments 🙂



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