Take a 360 Virtual Tour of these Beautiful Aquaponics Farms

Last Updated on December 17, 2018

360 virtual tours are magic tours. You will feel like wandering around the scenery in person with proper programs. This is a way to show 360 panoramas of a group of different small spaces. For instance, you’re on a luxury cruise liner, and each of its rooms and equipment is must-see subject at 360 degrees.

Have a virtual tour of these 3 aquaponics farms/facilities. And share your thoughts with us in comments.

Domaine Madeleine Bed & Breakfast

Location: United States > Washington > Port Angeles

Website: domainemadeleine.com

Surrounded by almost 10 acres of oceanfront ancient trees and exquisite natural gardens, This hotel hosts a sustainable organic aquaponics greenhouse. Conveniently located just minutes from the major sights of Olympic National Park.

Check out 360 tour view of aquaponics. This is a small facility of 3-4 media beds made up of the wooden structure and fish tank as well.

Ouroboros Aquaponics Farm

Address: 12511 San Mateo Rd, Half Moon Bay, California

Website: www.ouroborosfarms.com

Ouroboros Farms maintains a 15,000 sqft commercial Aquaponics farm in Half Moon Bay, CA. They have a retail space where you can pick your own vegetables, take tours, attend workshops, enjoy chef sponsored dinners, as well as find everything you need to begin your own aquaponic system at home. Home kits, nutrients, pumps, blowers, fish food, plumbing kits, grow media and more. A one stop shop for everything aquaponic.

They conduct monthly tours of our facility as well as regular workshops and training to help you become proficient in your journey to producing your own pure, local and sustainable food.

Now you can take a look inside their greenhouse, thanks to a Google Maps virtual tour. Double-tap to move forward.



You can create the 360 photos of your own facility as well. Inbox us when you do. We’ll feature your photos on our website.

Here is the complete guide to creating, importing, saving  360 photos with a phone or a camera

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